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  • I'm back!

    Hi guys,

    I picked up a 20" around 10ish years ago. Didn't get very far or do very much back in the day, got distracted by other hobbies, started working too hard, started a family etc... Then a few months ago decided to pick up my 20" from the back corner of the shed, clean her up and start riding again. Best part is I got my missus to have a few turns and now she's hooked.

    Good to see there's still a decent online community here and on reddit, very few people to uni in my city so I look forward to chatting to you all .

    Well that's all for now.

    Abide and be excellent to each other.

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    Big respect to the both of u mates! From the most far away place on this globe (Belgium) i say Peace and keep on riding with much pleasure because the one-wheeled magic fun machine is pretty cool... And get some Muniís ( if youse feel like it of course, no stress ) for they are most fun and sturdy too. Here at the forums there be lots of amazing good-hearted people, me no as much as iíve just mostly been lurking and absorbing valuable knowledge for a while and havenít quite blended in yet but they re allright enjoy and have a nice day yooow!