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New unicyclist here!

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  • New unicyclist here!
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    Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting the video. Nice to see you're using safety equipment, especially wrist guards. Good luck, and keep practicing!


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      Welcome to the wonderful world of one wheeling!

      I find it both funny and sad at the same time how many people I hear about getting into unicycling because they had a bicycle stolen. I myself wouldn't have gotten as into unicycling as I am had my bike not been taken. Both it and my first uni were chained together to a pole on my patio. The thief took the bike but left the uni, I took it as a sign and have not touched a bicycle in over a year now.

      Keep up with the practice, your first hour looks better than my tenth!


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        You look good, and it brings up VERY old memories.

        Our club uses 2 rows of NYC Police Do Not Cross saw horses, so you can reach one on either side to stay up. I learned between the wall and a pool table in my basement.


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          I now have maybe 12 hours of practice behind me, and I can stay on the bike about as long as my legs hold up. Which isn't very long, as I still struggle to keep my weight on the saddle.

          Lately I've been mostly practicing free mount. My success rate at it is about 25-33%... when I get my left (non-dominant) foot off the ground and on to the pedal I tend to just get stuck with the cranks pointing straight up and down. Most of the time I end up doing a roll-back mount, in which I have way too much weight on my right foot, which often causes a very sudden turn to the right followed by lots of arm waving.

          Unicycling is definitely great fun! I've even ventured off the pavement a couple of times (intentionally!), and quickly realized that anything rougher than fine gravel is too much for the 20" Luxus. So I ordered a 24" Nimbus MUni today.