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    This is for talking about some new game you were in or herd about. You should know the rules of the game you bring up and preferably outside.

    I'll start it off with one of the funnest games I've ever played. It was on a backpacking trip w/ the YMCA when I was 17.
    I think it was called Hunter. It is a more complicated game of tag.

    We played our game in a wooded area w/ red rags tied to bushes to mark the edge of the border. There were many spots that were marked w/ a blue ribbon these were "water" stations there were also "food" stations. Each was had a different color crayon that each player marked on their "stomach", (a pece of paper) if a player lost their stomach they were out of the game. Each player also started w/a number of lives each denoted by a rubber band around our wrist.

    You separate the group into three groups. The omnivores and carnivores could take lives by taging a player. After the exchange of rubber bands, the taggie would get a 20 second head start when they could be tagged again by the same player. One third are herbivores, who started w/ 7 lives, needed to have at least one by the end. Also more "food" & water" marks than the other groups, the omnivores who could take one of the lives of one of the herbivores, needed fewer food & water marks but also needed the same # of lives as they started. The carnivores could take a life frame either the herbivores or omnivores and needed 6 lives at the end, started w/ one, but no food marks and even fewer water marks than the omnivores by the end of the game. We would go around a half hour per game. If the group is very large like 50+ there could be one or two hunters who take the a life of anyone and needed a bit fewer waters than the carnivores.

    Those who had lost all their lives were kept in a small "free zone" at one end of our area where no-one could be tagged, but unless you were dead you couldn't stay for more than 30 seconds.

    We played it twice back to back. About half the people who "died" before the end easily stayed alive the next time. We had I think 12 people, 2 carnivores, 4 omnivores, 6 herbavores. I was an herbivore and managed to stay "alive" both times, the second w/ more of my lives.

    Things seemed to work out like they do in nature w/ most who were out, in the free zone were herbavores, and one of our carnivores didn't get the needed # of lives. Also groups of herbavores teemed up, same w/ the others and used #'s to help w/ tag or escape strategies
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    Ride everywhere and never just ride anywhere. If you can ride where you are going within a hour, do it, and if you can do a trick 50-75% of the time do it along the way.- Bob Burnquist

    What's next?

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    This past weekend I combined two hobbies...unicycling and disc golf.

    For those that haven't tried disc golf before you should give it a go. It's cheap entry cost, no fees to play, and great exercise. Even if you can't throw a "frisbee" very well you can still get into disc golf because the discs throw differently than a frisbee anyway.

    Adding in unicycling was fun for me. I didn't try to throw while on the unicycle, just used it to get from throw to throw.


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      Our in-laws visited California, from the mid-west, for a week. The cousins, who were my daughter's age, introduced a diving competition to our neighbors. Two kids would dive, one at a time, into the pool. Then the contestants would take their place, standing at the edge of the pool, to be judged. The judge, standing behind the contestants, would start talking, in a long-winded fashion, about the various attributes of each contestant's dive...until, at some point, the judge would, without warning, shove one of the contestants into the pool, indicating they were the loser. The game was unlike anything the neighbors had ever played. Harsh, but funny.