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  • Shipping to apo fpo addresses

    Does anyone know of a bike company that has road bikes under $400 that will ship to an APO FPO address? Does anyone know if UDC ships to FPO addresses?
    It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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    What is an FPO address? Forward Post Office? It's military right?
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      Ok so I went and did my homework.

      "APO/FPO Mail - domestic mail and international mail that bears a U.S. military delivery address or return address and that, in some stage of its transmission, is in the possession of the DOD. This is mail that is being sent to or received from military installations located outside the Continental United States (CONUS). This mail may be official or personal in nature. This mail is centralized at certain locations such as San Francisco and New York for transport overseas. When mail is received in the CONUS from these facilities, letter mail is normally received in sleeved half trays, flats are received in sleeved plastic flat tubs, and parcels are received in #1 sacks.

      APO/FPO addresses are not international addresses. There is an assumption, that because the addresses reside in a foreign country, military mail goes through an international postal carrier. This is not so. Our mail goes through United States Postal Service-Priority Mail.

      Mail sent to APO/FPO addresses will go either to California, New York, or Florida before it is transported to the overseas military installations.

      APO/FPO addresses have a state.
      These addresses use the following state abbreviations: AE (Armed Forces Europe), AA (Armed Forces Americas), and AP (Armed Forces Pacific)."

      So I would assume it's ok.

      But I would go ask on a guitar forum, lots of troops have guitars sent to them, it's an overwhelmingly popular item that is big.


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        The reason I'm asking is because I tried to order a bike on Amazon and from Walmart and they won't ship it to the AP address. I checked on ebay and there is an increased shipping cost for the AP address and it would take a couple of months to ship. The unicycles on UDC Japan actually cost more than from the US website, and I cant read what it says on the website.
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        It seemed like a good idea at the time.