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  • Im just this guy "ya Know"

    I found this site earlier today. I taught myself all kinds of stuff unicycling being the latest. I'm 47 years old and refuse to grow up. I rock climb, juggle, homebrew, mountain bike, and ride a unicycle. Basically I'll do anything that sounds like fun. I spent 2 years living on the beaches in Hawaii and then 8 more surfing and checkin it out. I belive that given then chance most people are good and that you get out what you put in. Ive taken up riding on one wheel because firstly It gives me the stoke and secondly It breaks down barriers and gives you an in to talk to people. I'm in the process of fixin up a 1940's house in Cheyenne Wyoming selling it and buying a boat. there's just so much to see and do out there it's all pretty exiciting. I'm just this guy.

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    Welcome to fun

    I think you will fit in to the M.O. of most personalities around here. I too have grown attached to my muni. I think my case is more obsession with improvement. I may have you by 5 yrs but some of the finest riders have me by more than that.