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Could we make a new subforum for newbies?

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  • Could we make a new subforum for newbies?

    Hi, I posted about this in a different subforum, but I realized that no one reads it. Here's a link to my post

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    Gilby could, if he wanted to, and did in a way with his last tweaking of the forums by adding the "& Introduce Yourself" to "Just Conversation".

    If you segregate the new and the old riders you will have less people see each thread resulting in a smaller audience and less responses... sort of like the Requests, Questions, and Bugs area. Not a big audience (only Gilby and the curious few) so not a lot of activity.

    We don't need to build walls between us keeping us in our respective rooms. Our diversity is our strength and you can ask a question like "which unicycle is best for me?" here and it will be seen by commuters, freestylists, trials riders, MUniers, newbies, street performers, etc, etc, all of which can help you consider things you would never have thought of if only consulting with one specialized group.

    If you don't want to read threads from other people asking what unicycle to get, don't click on the thread.

    EDIT: every once in a while I thought that Billy should have his own sub-forum. It would be an entertaining place anyway.
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