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Back on after 20 years!

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  • Back on after 20 years!

    After about 20 years and 100Lbs of extra padding I went and bought a 20" Sun today. I have been a watching a bunch of videos on the forum and was thinking that I couldnt ever do half of what I was seeing, but watching Unigeezer among others was very inspirational so here goes. I am back!

    20+ years ago when I Used to live in England I would to ride 5 miles to work everyday and can claim to be the only person to ride down the middle of Londons 3rd airport (Stansted) runway on a unicycle at midnight!

    When I first came to the BVI I worked in a restaurant and would bring out birthday cakes or champagne to guests on my uni.

    But for one reason or another I have hardly ridden in the last 20 years and not even owned a Uni for the last 5 or 6 years when I gave away my dusty and rusty last one.

    First step is to learn a few basics tricks, mounts, jumps and get back my confidence, then I am going to invest in a Muni and 36". Living in the British Virgin Islands we have lots of serious hills to ride, beach trails and salt ponds to also tackle, but I have to say that some of you guys also live and ride in some really amazing places.

    Once I get back in the swing of it I wil be recruit some newbies the uni world.

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    Yeah! Way to go unicyclesambvi !!
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      Originally posted by unicyclesambvi View Post
      and can claim to be the only person to ride down the middle of Londons 3rd airport (Stansted) runway on a unicycle at midnight!
      Always good to meet a legend.

      Good to have you back.

      That's one more of us, and one less of them.
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        Did a nice 2 1/2 - 3 mile ride this afternoon passing by our ariport to get back in the swing. I did notice the air traffic controllers up in their tower at the window pointing instead of watching their radars at one point!

        Riding a 20" any distance is slow going, so from tomorrow its time to start practicing jumps etc.


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          Made some progress yesterday, managed to hop sideways about 6" + and land them 3 times - much better than i have ever done before, but i just cant get the seat out in front to jump. Will keep practicing it and will get it mastered soon.

          On the good news I have located someone else here that is a unicyclist and willing to join me for training sessions, always helps to be in numbers!


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            "and can claim to be the only person to ride down the middle of Londons 3rd airport (Stansted) runway on a unicycle at midnight!"

            Welcome back.

            Maybe best not to publish your real name as the British authorities may still be looking for that runway unicylist
            Always remember: With patience and perseverance you can piss a hole through a rock.


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              Keep practicing You will get there.


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                I had rode this route last week but hadn't been able to record it, so did it again on my 20" Sun this morning.


                Fitness is definetly a problem that I need to work on, I struggled on the up hill sections and had to walk a few bits. Coming down I rode it all except for a 20M of really steep concrete section. Much preferred the off road sections. Hope to have some photo's of the route next week, although its pretty short it is real pretty and quite a bit of climbing/descending.