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Canberra Unicycle Hockey Day

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  • Canberra Unicycle Hockey Day

    A unicycle hockey day has been organised for both local and interstate unicyclists to get together for some social unicycle hockey games.

    Beginner hockey players, more experienced hockey players, and spectators are all welcome. The court hire is funded by ACTURS (the ACT Unicycle Riders Society) at no cost to participants (apart from the obvious incidental costs such as travel costs, lunch, etc.).

    AUS membership is required if you wish to participate (not required for spectators).

    More information can be found on the ACTURS web site at or if you'd rather Facebook it

    If you are new to unicycling and wondering what unicycle hockey is like, or would like a quick overview of the rules (if you are going to be spectating or just getting in to it), there are some links on the ACTURS event page where you can find more information.