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AZ Muni Weekend 2015

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  • AZ Muni Weekend 2015

    Getting cold where you live? Come down to Phoenix, Arizona February 13th through the 15th for some snow-free MUni riding!

    Tentative Schedule:
    Friday, Feb. 13th - Short technical ride, Uni BBall
    Saturday, Feb. 14th - Group ride + dinner
    Sunday, Feb. 15th - A ride for those who haven't had enough

    More details on times and locations are to be determined, after the holidays.

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    Damn, I'll be in Tucson about two weeks earlier! Where do you ride?
    - Kenny


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      Cool! Maybe I will come! Join my group!


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        Sweet. I'm going


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          I'll post this in my next One Love Unicycle Club weekly newsletter and hopefully get a small group to come and join ya'll.

          One Love Unicycle Club (Coming to Denver soon...)


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            My brother and I are thinking about coming. We're Unicycle Football players from Texas and we're happy to introduce the sport as well.


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              I'll be in the So Cal contingent!

              (BTW, really dig the tube rectifier avatar, N8B! Old school analog!)
              "I'm a unicyclist. I make my own reality."


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                I'm from the Tucson area. I'm planning to try and make it on Sat and /or Sun.

                Anyone from the Tucson area who wants to carpool or just ride sometime can PM me.


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                  This weekend sounds tempting. How technical are the rides ? Will there be some in Sedona, AZ ? What is the best area to look for some lodging ?
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                    Where is everyone staying? Is there camping near the trails?


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                      Originally posted by Siddhartha Valmont View Post
                      This weekend sounds tempting. How technical are the rides ? Will there be some in Sedona, AZ ? What is the best area to look for some lodging ?
                      I'm not organizing this, but, I know the rides will be in the Phoenix area, and they will be very technical.


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                        Originally posted by aarons View Post
                        Where is everyone staying? Is there camping near the trails?
                        Hey Aaron, there's no formal gathering place like the Slickrock Campground was during Moab. You can try to email and ask some of the local riders if they have guest bedrooms or sofas. A few folks might have room, no guarantees though.

                        The rides are going to be in and around Phoenix. So, there's no camping right by the trails. I'll post the trails and schedule later this week/early next week.

                        The riding in Phoenix is definitely intermediate to advanced. Expect lots of bumps and rocks, and, if you're like Tom Holub, you might get in a fight with a Saguaro Cactus (the cactus won). If you've been riding Muni for less than a year, or you only like smooth single track, you probably wont like Phoenix trails.


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                          AZ Muni


                          Looking forward to getting Augie out there to ride. Who else from So. Cal. plans on driving out?


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                            AZ Muni Weekend 2015 Schedule

                            AZ Muni Weekend 2015 Schedule

                            Alright then, here’s the lineup for the 2015 Arizona Muni Weekend.

                            Friday Feb. 13th, Technical Rides:
                            11am to 2-ish - Cheesegrater (7 miles)
                            Meet at Dreamy Draw Park Trailhead
                            2421 East Northern Avenue
                            Phoenix, AZ 85028

                            Click here for a trail map. We’ll be riding trail 1A by way of trail 220, then linking up with trail 302 for a loop back to the parking lot. Stick with the group. This trail is colorfully referred to as Cheesegrater; there’s a short section that is advanced trail. The rest is manageable.

                            2-ish to 5:30pm - 40th Street Downhill (3.5 miles):
                            After Cheesegrater, and if there's time, we’ll meet at the 40th street parking lot
                            9200 N. 40th Street
                            Phoenix, AZ 85028

                            There’s a gnarly little downhill trail that you can see from the parking lot. It’s fun, it’s technical, it’s almost as intense and awesome as the Hummingbird trial in Simi Valley…almost. The trail is officially called Quartz Ridge. See the same trail map for details.

                            7pm - Uni BBall at Stroud Park
                            6818 South Los Feliz Drive
                            Tempe, AZ 85283

                            Saturday Feb. 14th, The Main Ride:
                            10am to 1:30pm-ish - The National Loop (10 miles)
                            Meet at the Mormon Trailhead parking lot
                            8610 South 24th Street
                            Phoenix, AZ 85042

                            Click here for a trail map. We’ll be doing a little shuffle over to the “Heard Scout Pueblo” boyscout camp from Mormon Trailhead.
                            From there we’ll be hiking up to Buena Vista Trailhead (if you can ride up the Geronimo trail without falling, stopping, or UPD-ing, I’ll give you 50 dollars!).
                            The next part will be riding the National Trail to where Mormon Loop Trail, National, and Pima Wash Trail all intersect. From there just follow Mormon Loop back to the trailhead. There’s a good lunch spot part-way through National trail.

                            1:30pm-ish to 3:30pm-ish - Holbert Trailhead Trials OR Ride
                            The trailhead is on Phoenix S Mountain Park Road
                            From Baseline and Central Ave, head south on Central Ave
                            You'll begin heading up south mountain in less than a mile from the intersection. The road will curve right. You'll pass by some horse stables on your left.
                            Take your first left after you pass by an info booth and stop sign.

                            There's a handful of good trials lines in the park and on the rocks at the bottom of Holbert trail. For those with energy after National, I highly recommend riding Holbert trail. It's about 1.5 hours if you don't stop, and can be shuttled. We'll coordinate a shuttle at Holbert trailhead.

                            5:30pm - Group Dinner. Location TBD (depends on how many people show up). Most likely San Tan Brewing Co, in Chandler, Arizona.
                            Let us know if you’re planning to attend the group dinner:
                            The signup link above will close February 3rd. If you don’t let us know by then, you may not get a seat. The name and contact info is there so we can get a hold of you in case something changes.

                            Sunday Feb. 15th, The Wind Down Ride:
                            10am - Gateway Loop (4.5 miles)
                            Meet at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Gateway Trailhead
                            18333 North Thompson Peak Parkway
                            Scottsdale, AZ 85255

                            Click here for a trail map. We'll be going around counter-clockwise (start on the south side, and end on the north side) This trail is the easiest to ride of all the trails listed. It has a little something for all skill levels in it. It’ll be a good way to close the weekend.

                            Where to Stay and How to Get Around:
                            Some local riders have guest bedrooms, couches, and extra space in their cars. Email if you're looking for a place to stay or a lift to the rides. However, I can’t guarantee you'll get a place to stay or a lift. Transportation and lodging is on you.

                            Bring extra water to ALL of the events. I recommend at least 2.5 liters of water for all the rides. Phoenix is a desert so wear sunscreen (unless you like sunburn). The weather is usually mid-70s and sunny in February. Wear leg armor and wear a helmet. Wrist guards and elbow pads are highly recommended. Phoenix trails are very rocky, do not underestimate them. Know your limits and walk a section if you’re not comfortable.

                            Know that mountain unicycling can be a dangerous sport. Participating in any of these events could result in serious injury, even when reasonable precautions are taken. First aid will not be provided at any of these events.

                            This is an informal gathering. The only registration being asked is that you is that you let us know if you’re planning to attend the group dinner. If you don’t, you might not get a spot at the venue.

                            Cheers and Happy Riding,
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                              Well, it looks like I'm going now. See you guys there!
                              Noli (from Seattle)