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5. Deutschen Einrad-Marathon-Meisterschaft am 3. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf ,Germany

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      Thanks Arne. However, maybe it's my poor understanding of German but in the second post in this thread, Der Düsseldorfer wrote: "Die Verwendung von Metallpedalen oder Pedalbefestigungssystemen
      (Clickpedale, Pedalhaken, Riemen o. ä.) ist aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht erlaubt." (my bolding). On the website of the Marathon, I think the same is stated. And since I think that he (Düsseldorfer) is part of the organisation (I might be wrong on that though) and you are only the winner of RTL , I'd like to have his confirmation.
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        Odyssey Twisted PCs work very well for me, and they are dirt cheap


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            • First sentence: thank you
            • Second sentence: indeed.
            • Third sentence: Too fast a conclusion? I think I could also use non-normal plastic pedals, or rubber pedals, or wooden pedals for that matter. The only thing is that metal medals aren't allowed. But my issue is not solved yet. Is it allowed to use plastic pedals (KHE Stimulatorz, for instance) with metal screw-in pins. As I wrote, I can't find in the rules that they are forbidden. Yet, I'd like to have a confirmation of this from someone who has the authority to speak on behalf of the organisation!


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              Originally posted by Klaas Bil View Post
              ...metal medals aren't allowed
              Does that mean gold medals are not allowed? And how about silver or bronze?

              Anyways, I would go for twisted PCs, they are my favorite plastic pedals, better than stimulatorz IMHO.
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                Oops. Petal medals...

                And I agree that unmodified Stimulatorz are only so-so, but that's why I asked my question (about the pins) in the first place.


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                    Sorry for writing in English, my German is not so good. I can read German reasonably OK though. (So much for the Dutch forum )

                    "Empfehlen" means to recommend, is that right? I was not seeking a pedal 'recommendation'. Pedal preferences are personal anyway - I for one don't particularly like the Miyata pedals. What I seek are the precise rules about pedals for the Marathon.

                    As an example: In the track races on the World Championships, this past summer, only non-metal pedals were allowed. But it was OK to use plastic pedals (i.e. KHE Stimulatorz) with little metal screws in them to increase grip. If you can give me the precise rules for pedals, I can work out what type of (maybe modified) pedal I am allowed to use. My objective is to have optimum grip while still being within the rules.

                    If the rules aren't that precise, I recommend that you follow the UNICON rules and allow any non-metal pedal, including those that have medal pins or studs for more grip.


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                      Hallo Klaas Bill,
                      nein Dein Deutsch ist nicht "poor". Es ist gut bis sehr gut.
                      Nun zu Deiner Frage in Englisch aber auf Deutsch beantwortet:

                      Laut Ausschreibung sind Metallpedale nicht erlaubt, ebenso wenig wie alle Pedal-Befestigungssysteme.
                      Alle Pedalen aus Kunststoff sind erlaubt, ob mit oder ohne Metallstifte ist unerheblich. Damit folgen wir auch den IUF-Regeln.

                      Auf der Seite der Metro Group


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                          News II

                          Hallo zusammen,
                          bis heute haben sich schon 51Hinweis, Sparvorschlag:

                          Wer noch


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                            News III

                            Hallo zusammen

                            Es haben sich bis heute 57 ohneweiteren Betrag von 10


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                              Hallo getwithyou8808,

                              bitte nehme Sie mit uns[/EMAIL] Kontakt


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                                Hallo getwithyou8808,

                                bitte nehme Sie mit uns[/EMAIL] Kontakt
                                Ich verstehe es auch nicht im ganzen. "Konkludieren" = English "conclude" = Deutsch "folgern" (aber doch auch "konkludieren"?). Am besten schreibt getwithyou8808 in seine Muttersprache, und dann besonders eine deutliche Frage oder Bemerkung.